I'm posting articles that may be helpful.
Please keep in mind that many opinions exist about how to swim "correctly."
Lots of these links show the demonstrator's way of accomplishing the task at hand.


Pre-meet breakfast:  Super Duper Oatmeal (maybe a little overboard)

The Science of the Front Crawl from SWIMMER 
This is one of my favorite pictoral explanations of contemporary freestyle underwater dynamics.

Is there a "right" way to swim freestyle.  A short description of several types of underwater pulls and the rationale for each.

Freestyle Reach -- full extension

Freestyle:  relax and feel

Freestyle:  disappear behind your hand

10 Steps to Swimming Faster Freestyle

Freestyle Swimming:  Picking the Righ Technique

Lots of videos from The Race Club

Chloe Sutton has a YouTube channel with lots of good stuff.

Kara Lynn Joyce.  The top video on this link is short, but it illustrates the freestyle that I like to teach as a starting point.

Kara Lynn Joyce Freestyle next to a regular guy.  Notice the difference.

Downhill Swimming  - An article about how to get  the feel you experience when you are balanced "up front" in freestyle.

Some Freestyle Drills  -- includes "underwater freestyle"

Common Freestyle Breathing Mistakes  Stu Kahn

10 Ways to Reduce Frontal DragUSA Swimming  Tips & Training (See the bottom of this linked page)

Entry Position for hands on freestyle

Breaststroke Drills (I made this video.)

Michael Phelps:  Butterfly 01

Misty Hyman SloMo underwater fly

Swim Swam:  An on-line swim magazine.  Free

Go Swim:  An on-line technique site.

Shoulder Injury in Competitive Swimming: Strategies for Early Identification and Prevention

Ten Photos That Show You Why Katie Ledecky Swims Faster Than You

Give it a TRY.  A primer for newbies on the swim part of triathlons.  Disclaimer:  I'm quoted.

On Warmin Up.  Current thinking on warming up contends that dynamic (vs static) warm-up is more productive. 

I've linked some articles on static vs dynamic warmups.  The articles are not necessarily specific to swimming, but the theory seems to be across all sports.  The last two links are to swimming warmups.

5 Reasons Why Dynamic Is Better than Static Stretching

Dynamic Stretching vs. Static Stretching

Practical and Dynamic Stretching for Swimmers

Warm up and stretches for competitive swimmers

Dynamic shoulder warm-up

Videos I shot of dynamic warmups instruction and dryland..not well edited.
Tim's Warmups 1
Tim's Warmups 2
Tim's Dryland 1
Tim's Dryland 2
Tim's Dryland 3
Tim's Dryland 4

Funny you tube of dynamic warmup

Swimming Anatomy  Human Kinetics Book  Free On-Line PDF version
Body Weight Strength Training Anatomy  Human Kinetics Book     Free On-Line PDF version

101 Sports Nutrition Tips  - I use this book a lot.  The author was my in-town nutrition guru till she moved.
100 Best Swimming Drills - lots of easy to understand drills
Janet Evans' Total Swimming -good technique descriptions and lots of workouts
Coaching Swimming Successfully - the intro book for high school coaches from THE guy in high school swimming
Fitness Swimming Good technique descriptions.  Lots of workouts.
Strength Training Past 50   The title speaks for itself.
Dover Solo  - My friend Marcia Cleveland's tale of her English Channell training and swim
Swimming to Antarctica  (an inspirational must)  The Best Ever motivational book that was not written to be motivational.  Lynn Cox is THE marathon swimmer.