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FALL- 2017
Learn to swim/race, better, more efficiently, more enjoyably.

WEDNESDAYS:  6 – 7:30 PM

Session 1:  August 23 - September 20

Session 2:  October 4 - November 8

Make-up is the 6th week of session 2

Register On-Line OR at the Urbana Indoor Aquatic Center.

Registration in Session 1 guarantees you a spot in Session 2.
Registration is open through the season.  No instructor permission is required.

You are welcome to attend the first session and then make your decision to register.

You can register on-line, at Phillips Recreation Center, or at the Urbana Indoor Aquatic Center. (Program Codes 5971/Session 1 and 5972/Session 2)


·         Clinic size of 24 people with 2-3 coaches, so we can adequately address all clinic members' swim issues.


·         Swim Clinic is open to people 15 years and older, as long as you are able to swim 25 yards consistently. 


·         This program will provide you with building blocks to become a better swimmer.  


·         All of the coaches leading this program have had extensive experience in coaching, teaching, and competing.


·         They all want to help you improve your stroke and performance in the water.


·         This is not a “learn to swim” clinic.  We want to help you achieve your swimming goals from being a more efficient lap swimmer through being a competitive racer.


·         We strive to customize each swimmer's agenda to fit their particular goals and abilities.


·         Competitive swimming technique, including starts, turns, streamlining, “wall-work,” etc. can be taught to those who request it.


·         Triathlon/long distance swimmers will also benefit from this clinic by becoming more efficient and faster. 

Here is a sample of each day’s agenda:
6 – 7 PM:  Freestyle technique concentration
7 – 7:30 PM: Several options:  Speed/endurance workout; starts/turns practice; stroke (fly, back, breast) technique.

o    Lead Instructors:
Howard Schein:   Level 4 High School Certification, Masters Swimmer, former club and high school coach
Carol Hartman:    Marathon Swimmer (e.g., English Channel):  Masters Swimmer, former high school coach
Mark Jaeger        Varsity College Swimmer;  Life-long Masters Swimmer

      Questions:  hschein@gmail.com